I have always had stories floating around in my head and am even known to be a little scatterbrained. Often I am so involved with some amazing daydream that I forget the simple things like making appointments.

In college I thought about writing one of my stories down. I was so disappointed, however, that I couldn’t get what was in my head onto the paper that I immediately decided I couldn’t write and gave up.

Years later after my husband asked me what I daydreamed about. An hour and a half later he said in amazement; “that’s like a movie.” He then encouraged me to write the story down. With a lot of encouragement from my spouse and family I started the journey of writing my first novel.

I have come to love to write and can’t imagine stopping. It’s an amazing experience to take a story from my imagination and get it onto paper so that others can enjoy it.

I have been happily married for eighteen years and have seven children. Six boys and one daughter. My greatest love is being a wife and a mother. In addition to this I love to sit and enjoy a good book. I will even put everything on hold including sleep when I find one I really like. I love the outdoors and enjoy camping and hiking with my family. I love to garden and do a bit of landscaping as well. As a matter of fact I change my yard almost as much as some people change around their furniture. The last several years I have also enjoyed a little backyard farm with chickens and rabbits.

I am excited to share my stories with the world. Enjoy.

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