Hard Work

I made a goal to write 50,000 words in one month. I struggle with making writing one of my priorities. I have seven children, six of which are still at home. I’m busy with church, volunteering and keeping my house and small farm running and in good order. I’ve felt for a long time that I need to write more but haven’t seen how I could possibly fit it into my busy schedule.

So I challenged myself to see if I could do it. By midnight on November 30th I ended with almost 48,000 words written. I wrote 18,000 of those words on the 30th.

This is what I discovered. I can easily carve out two hours, five days a week, without jeopardizing my other responsibilities. I no longer have the excuse to tell myself that I’m too busy to write.

I need to get to work and get my stories written. Funny how I need to prove to myself that I can do it. My progress is halted or pushed forward by my one fears and desires. This goal was just one more step toward my road to success.

So what is it that’s keeping you from succeeding?

A Moment To Write

I sat down today to reward myself for getting a lot of stuff done and finally have a few minutes to write. Two hours later I had to stop to go to an appointment and again asked myself why I didn’t do this more often. Why I always make it the last thing on my list to get done. Granted there are many priorities that do come before writing but I know it really isn’t as low on the list as I always place it. 

I feel so good after I have sat down to create characters and experiences out of my own imagination. Yet I figure that if I can’t make money with my writing then somehow it isn’t worth doing. It is a constant battle with myself. Why would I tell myself that, when it is something I love to do regardless of whether or not I make any money doing it. I love to garden and I love to hike and read. Yet I make no money on any of those hobbies and I’m ok with it. 

I think it’s because I feel that if I can’t make a lot of money doing it then somehow I’m not a good writer. If I’m not a good writer then why am I even doing it.

Because I love it!! And I won’t get better unless I continue to write. Sheesh. These arguments with myself can get old and there the same ones over and over again.