Soul Conquest the Ultimate Trial

Soul Conquest

Only a couple of weeks ago Devin was an average American boy looking forward to summer vacation with his family. Now he’s under the control of a wicked man, Marko, who intends to make him fight as a gladiator. A sport that Devin thought died with the Roman Empire. Does Devin have what it takes to survive?

Marko can tell that Devin is a survivor and will fight to his last breath. That’s why he chose to train him as his lead gladiator. Where does Devin’s journey take him? Into hell and back, but just as gold must be refined so must the human soul. The real question is whether or not Devin will survive the refining process.


Soul Conquest is the first of two books in the series. It has 350 pages. Join Devin on his journey through trial and heartache and see if he has what it takes to keep his soul intact.



—Soul Conquest’s Cover Artist–

Aubrey Fry