Mountain Wonder

A moments pause on the walk down the road
The picture doesn’t quite capture it.

As you know I’ve been writing about the beginning of our journey but today I decided to throw in a little something from the here and now. To understand you first need to know where we’re currently at in the building process. The house is only a couple of weeks from being finished but the progress has been stalled due to three weeks of snow. We are currently living in the house but have not moved in. We have electricity and heat but no water. With that in mind I’ll move onto today.

I woke up this morning to check the weather. The winds were still blowing at over 20 mph, which meant our private road was still impassible for the fourth day in a row. No getting to school for my kids again today.

By 3:00 the winds had finally slowed down. So I called Todd. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that Todd walked the mile and a half down our road yesterday so that he could stay at a friends house and get to work.

Anyway back to the phone call . . . I thought it would be a good idea for the kids to walk down the hill this evening before it gets dark so that they could get to school tomorrow morning.

The road has three to ten foot drifts most of the way down so we prepared ourselves for a tiring walk and headed out to meet their dad. The younger ones had less to carry so they took off a head of us, but the oldest had a saxophone plus a backpack plus stuff for going to state with the pep band this weekend. So we loaded his stuff onto a sled and headed down to catch up with the others.

It turned out to be a wonderful walk, filled with laughter. The sled worked perfect with a couple adjustments and we were able to walk mostly on top of the drifts. When we caught up to the others they were sledding down the side of the hill on their butts. The snow was high enough to cover stumps and scotch broom. We paused and had some fun sliding and sledding down the hill before they walked the remaining distance to the car.

On my way back up to the house I was admiring the amazing view and a thought occurred to me. So many people have come up to our property and admired the beauty around us, but many of them including me on occasion mention that it’s a pity the ugly power lines are in the way. As I was walking up and stopping to admire the scenery around me I realized that the power lines aren’t ruining my view. They’re the very reason I have such a miraculous view.

Beautiful evergreen trees surround me, and right now they are even more gorgeous covered in snow. But that’s all I would see if it weren’t for the power lines. The trees would block the sunsets and beauty we can see from the road along the power lines. I couldn’t help but compare my thoughts to life. It’s so easy to notice the hard, annoying, horrible, nightmarish things in life. But maybe it’s their actual presence that eventually allows us to see the real majesty around us.

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