Mountain Treasure


My daughter just found a hood ornament to a 1926-1928 Buick. We were up in the mountains and there was a piece of metal sticking out of the ground and she dug around it and pulled it out. I told her it looked like an old hood ornament. The funny thing is there is no car up there. We did find a rusted fender or something along those lines as well but that was it. No sign of a road or the rest of the car. It makes me curious to know how it got there. Now the rest of the kids want to go treasure hunting.

I love finding old things because it causes us to wonder about the past. Everyone starts to imagine different scenarios of what happened to the car. I happen to love the
imagination and am glad whenever something sparks it.

Current scenarios: The car crashed against a tree and then was left there and the whole thing rusted. Age 8

The car was left somewhere else, but bears and raccoons moved the pieces all over the forest. Also my 8 year old

The car bumped into a tree knocking the fender off and the hood ornament and then drove away. 18 year old.

What’s your idea?

2 thoughts on “Mountain Treasure”

  1. My idea: A young couple drove up the mountain intending to have a romantic evening together overlooking the mountain when their evening was rudely halted due to a vicious bear that attacked their car, which caused the car to shake violently, the bear was so vicious that it destroyed the black shiny paint job of his parents new car and in the process also ripped off the hood ornament, leaving the couple terrified and fleeing for their lives down the hill at the top speed of 45 mph in his parents Buick fearing the reaction they would have after seeing the results of their “romantic” evening.

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