Soul Conquest The Refiners Fire

Here is the first page of the first chapter in the 2nd book of the Soul Conquest series. I’m finishing up the second revision of the book and will then be sending it to the editor within the next couple of weeks.

Turned out Devin wasn’t tortured with a long walk to the door. A woman came running out and Devin instantly recognized her as his mother. Devin tried to swallow the lump that had formed in his throat and struggled to keep his eyes dry. His father was close behind. He had a little more weight around his middle and some grey in his hair, but his smile hadn’t changed at all. When his mom reached him, she pulled him into a tight hug. Devin thought it odd to be able to look down at the top of his mothers head, and then realized he was standing stiff as a statue. With substantial effort he put his arms around her and gave her a quick pat on the back. It felt awkward and foreign and yet at the same time mended a piece of his soul.

Devin’s father hung back until his mom let go, then he put his arms around him as well. “Welcome home son.” He said as he patted Devin on the back.

Devin was filled with joy from hearing his dad call him son again, but could only nod in response.

A tall, good looking man walked forward. Devin realized it was Aaron just before he leaned in to give Devin a hug, “Glad your home.” Aaron said when he stepped back.

“Yeah, me to.”

A woman, that barely resembled his goofy sister, moved forward and hugged him as well.

“Welcome home Devin . . . we’ve missed ya.” Ashley said with tears streaming down her face.

Now they had changed. Aaron was tall, with a clean haircut and black stubble on his face. His sister was tall and beautiful and resembled his mother. Seeing them was strange because they had changed drastically from the way he remembered them.

Everyone stood awkwardly looking at each other while wiping their tears, making Devin feel self-conscious that his face was void of such moisture. All these years he’d wondered how they had changed, never believing he would get to know. Now here he was . . . standing . . . awkwardly . . .

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