A Wizard’s Doom

I decided to do something a little different today. I’ve been working on a new story for a while and thought I’d post the prologue for fun. It’s in it’s raw form. I haven’t started editing this story yet but hope you enjoy it, errors and all.


King Custis walked the castles dark hallways, nodding to the guards as he passed. There was too much unrest in the kingdom for him to sleep soundly. The recent droughts had left his kingdom crippled. The people were grasping for someone to save them. I’ve done everything I can to help them, he thought. Yet they’re not satisfied. They think a wizard has the power to do anything. They don’t understand that even my abilities have limits.

He paused and walked out onto one of the many balconies that overlooked his gardens. He sighed. It saddened him to look at his brown and withered plants. The droughts were a result of the conflict among the people. Qusan had always been a planet sensitive to its people. They had lived too many years in wealth and ease to remember the history of their world. Instead they considered it legend or old religion depending on who you talked too. Custis knew different. The archives were clear and the stories from his ancestors could not be ignored.

When evil flourished Qusan would withdraw deep inside herself. She couldn’t bear it. The result was always the same. Rain stopped falling, lakes dried up, plants died and with it the animals and then the people. Why couldn’t they see that it was their wickedness that drove her away? My magic can’t restore that, he thought. Only the magic in my people, can bring Qusan back from hiding deep in her core.

They were two hardened to listen to him though. In search for a way to help his people he had called for the magic of a seer. It was her visit now that kept him up. He had hoped for help . . . instead he was told of horrors that would begin with his death, and continue for another four hundred years.

Custis rubbed his eyes. I’m so tired, maybe I’ll try to sleep again, he thought as he headed back to his room. He noticed his messy bed upon entering, evidence of his internal struggle. He climbed into bed and tried to quiet his thoughts.

A sudden pain woke him from sleep. King Custis stared at the sword that was thrust through his chest trying to make sense of how it got there. He looked up at his guard full of questions and pain as darkness began to envelope him.


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