Devin Andrew Steele

In the coming weeks I will be finishing my 2nd book of the “Soul Conquest” Series, “The Refiners Fire.” At the same time I will be reworking “The Ultimate Trial” and releasing a 2nd edition. During this process I thought I would create some posts about these two books and my journey in creating them. So here goes.

Devin Andrew Steel is the main character in “Soul Conquest.” His journey onto paper was a rough one. He is, I guess, my guinea pig for character development. I had tried to write down my stories prior to “Soul Conquest” and, being an avid reader I recognized poor writing when I saw it. So consigning myself to the stark fact that I could not write, I stuck with daydreaming. At least, until, one day my husband asked what it was I daydreamed about. At the time of the question, the story I had banging around inside my brain was this very story. After some insistence on my husband’s part, I sat out on the frustrating but rewarding journey of extracting a character and plot from a brain that had no idea how to translate such a project.

So in comes Devin. In my dreams he never had a name, or a childhood. He appeared at the most exciting part of the story. He was who he was. My mind automatically knew how he would act under any circumstance. Sometimes when I was daydreaming he would respond or act a certain way and I would backtrack because it wasn’t true to his character. How my mind does that . . . I don’t know.

So in comes the tricky part. How do I get readers to know him the same way I do. First I needed to give him a name. Names are a big deal to me, so I found a name that felt right and then did some research. If I like the name but not the meaning than It’s a no go. So . . . I named him, now the harder task was giving him a past, a journey, really, into the hearts of the readers.

That is truly one of the hardest and most exciting parts, for me, in writing. Think for a minute, about how you would describe all the different complex parts of your personality to a stranger. Complicated, right? I’ve had discussions with my children about Devin that got pretty deep. There is so much more to him than what is written in my book. I keep my stories pretty simple, and that much information on Devin would turn my books into something that belongs in a psychologist’s office. Which means, each reader will add their own depth to Devin’s character. He will always be Devin in my mind but the exciting thing about the imagination is you can create right along with me.

I love learning about how other people see Devin and why. If you would like to share your favorite things about him or just have specific questions, please comment. I would love to hear and respond.

3 thoughts on “Devin Andrew Steele”

  1. I really like Devin’s character in this story. I love how he pretty much keeps his cool and doesn’t give up even though all the stuff he went through.

  2. I love Devins character. He goes through something that I cant even imagine and how he deals with it and grows is why I love him. My view on him is that the trouble he goes through that makes him stronger, breaks down the innocence of who he was before. Maybe it doesnt ruin him, but once he notices it isnt what he could be he finds a way confront it. I dont want to spoil the book so If you havn’t read “Soul Conquest” I would recomend it. Then we can have deeper conversations.

  3. I really enjoyed reading Soul Conquest: The Ultimate Trial. Devin is very relatable and I feel like the things that he goes through are things that I could see myself going through as well. It is something that can be quite scary. However, the struggles that he has and how he gets over them is what makes things so relatable and fascinating. Think about it. What if you were forced to fight as someone’s slave for the entertainment of others. It would be extremely hard!

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