A Moment To Write

I sat down today to reward myself for getting a lot of stuff done and finally have a few minutes to write. Two hours later I had to stop to go to an appointment and again asked myself why I didn’t do this more often. Why I always make it the last thing on my list to get done. Granted there are many priorities that do come before writing but I know it really isn’t as low on the list as I always place it. 

I feel so good after I have sat down to create characters and experiences out of my own imagination. Yet I figure that if I can’t make money with my writing then somehow it isn’t worth doing. It is a constant battle with myself. Why would I tell myself that, when it is something I love to do regardless of whether or not I make any money doing it. I love to garden and I love to hike and read. Yet I make no money on any of those hobbies and I’m ok with it. 

I think it’s because I feel that if I can’t make a lot of money doing it then somehow I’m not a good writer. If I’m not a good writer then why am I even doing it.

Because I love it!! And I won’t get better unless I continue to write. Sheesh. These arguments with myself can get old and there the same ones over and over again.

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