I am going to try something new. I decided I would write a new post each week about my life and writing. I have six boys and and one girl which means my life can get pretty busy and crazy. This blog is as much for my own discovery of myself as it is for anyone else. I do hope that someday someone that loves to write might discover it and in so doing might find some form of hope or encouragement in it.

I truly discovered my joy in writing about nine years ago. My husband having just listened for an hour and a half to a story that I had been daydreaming about exclaimed, “That’s like a movie. You should write that down.” At that point we had been married ten years and although he knew I daydreamed he had never asked me to tell him any of them. My response to his exclamation was simply, “I can’t write. Trust me I tried once.”

He continued to push me to write it down. I finally decided to try. What have I learned? A lot! What do I have left to learn? So very much. One thing I can tell you is it has been worth it. I love creating people, lives and plots so that everyone else can enjoy them.

Today however I want to start at the beginning. English and grammar are important in writing but truly my distaste for english in high school and college is one of the reasons I never thought of being a writer. So if you don’t like them or think you are horrible at it, please don’t let that stop you. You’ll probably find in my blog an unlimited amount of errors but I no longer let that keep me from writing. Plus there is this really great person called an editor. When it comes to writing he/she is my new best friend.

Ok back on task. So how did I start? I sat down at my computer and having no idea what to do just started typing the general idea of my book. The first draft was about 100 pages and was awful. I was enough of an avid reader to know that. One of my mistakes I realized as I read was that I had censored my story to be what I expected other people to want it to be. As a result I hated it. As a matter of fact I have no idea where my first draft went. Sadly I think I eventually got rid of it which I seriously regret. I decided then and there that I would write it the way it was in my head. So I began the long task of rewriting.

That is the first step in my writing journey. I will continue the story later as I am now going to continue writing in my second book of Soul Conquest before my kids get home from school and all writing endeavors must end.

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